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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
Dear Bat10, I'm glad you've got a place, And since things thus have chang'd their face,
You'll give opposing o'er: 'Tis comfortable to be in, And think what a damn'd while you've been,
Like Peter, at the door.
See who comes next—I kiss thy hands, But not in flatt'ry, Samuel Sands;
For since you are in power, That gives you knowledge, judgement, parts, The courtier's wiles, the statesmen's arts,
Of which you'd none before.
"When great impending dangers shook Its state, old Eome dictators took
Judiciously from plough: So they (but at a pinch thou knowest), To make the highest of the lowest,
The Exchequer gave to you.
When in your hands the seals you found, Did it not make your brain go round?
Did it not turn your head? I fancy (but you hate a joke) You felt as Nell did when she woke
In Lady Loverule's bedu.
See Harry Vane in pomp appear, And since he's made Vice-Treasurer,
G-rown taller by some inches: See Tweeddale follow Cart'ret's call; See Hanoverian Gower, and all
The black funereal Finches.
10  Lord Bathurst.    Walpole.
11  In the farce of The Devil to Pay.